A squash hall is a little different from other halls because even the walls are playing surfaces where the ball can bounce. Therefore it is important to also consider the illumination and uniformity of the walls in a calculation The luminaires should be positioned at least one metre from the side walls to avoid glare.

The vertical lighting is important because you need to see the ball at different heights and be able to figure out where the ball is going and react quickly.


8 pcs Excis LED Asymmetric 20,000 lm
Mounting height 5.6 m
Average lighting 760 lux on the playing surface, 506 lux on the front wall, 470 lux on the side walls and 420 lux on the back wall.

The solution meets the uniformity requirement and the glare index in accordance with the sports hall standard EN 12193: 2007 and the Measurement Book from SKL in accordance with Class 1 for competing in higher divisions.


Excis LED

Excis has been developed for sports centres with ball protection certification per VDE 0710-13. Available with different lumen packages and provides a good, glare-free light even from greater heights.

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