If you wish a ceiling with a cleaner look you can work with a recessed solution. Worth thinking about is that you should move out of the fixtures further out towards the walls to get more light on the walls. Even in this solution, it is important to supply board lighting without glare.

A recessed solution should also have installed lighting controls, such as an e-Sense solution to control the various rows of luminaire separately and also create different lighting scenes for different applications or AV light. Just as in all work areas a fitting without glare is recommended.


Multilume Flat Delta

A recessed workplace luminaire in various sizes for most types of suspended ceilings. Delta louvres provide efficiency and optimal lighting comfort.

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Recesso Beta Opti

A recessed luminaire for suspended ceilings with visible T-bars. Beta Opti louvres provide high efficiency and optimal lighting comfort.

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Lento LED

A luminaire for lighting pictures and whiteboards with a controlled pattern of light. Lento LED provides high lighting comfort with a soft gradient between lit and unlit surfaces.

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