Pictured above you can see the solution made for the open and social space. Used during the day a social area where friends of the shopper can relax on comfortable sofas and give their opinions on the clothes being tried on. Alternatively the space can be used as a hang-out for people to read fashion magazines whilst having a coffee. This part of the shop is elevated as it serves as a stage at night.

The luminaires are designed to suit both the shop and club environment. They share many of the same traits as those used in the theatre or stage, where relatively large spotlights are supplemented with barndoors to make the light distribution narrower and more exciting. The luminaires in this area are connected to a truss, further engaging the sense of it being a stage. Using a control system it is possible to shape the light in different ways, capturing the feel of being in a nightclub. 

The large pendant in the centre of the room is a typical way to draw attention and works as brand carrier.