Room for several

In the open plan office we have to consider the needs of many at the same time. Everyone shall feel well and see well, no matter age or task.

Think of this

Open plan offices with many work places demands flexibility and glare-free working environment with a pleasant light.

Ambient light enhances the daylight feeling

A good lighting solution provides the necessary 500 lux on the work surface while also the cylindrical illuminance is created. It is important that the fitting is designed for use together with computer screens to avoid glare and dazzle the eye.

"A well composed ambient light on ceiling and walls can increase the welfare of the residents in the room. This is due to the lighting mimicing how we perceive the sky outdoors, as the natural light is our norm for millions of years, "said Tommy Govén, former Head of Research at Fagerhult.

Control saves energy

Accent lighting on the walls helps the eye to take in the refreshing light and contribute to a greater sense of space. To save energy in the office shall be equipped with daylight, presence and constant light control for optimum light levels and reduced energy consumption. 

Think of the ceiling height

Consider the ceiling level, if it is high, it is important to choose a luminaire with a more powerful light distribution.