Make a first impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. No matter how clichéd that may sound, it’s still true. Paint with light and create welcoming entrances and reception areas.


Inside the door

Paint with light just inside the door to create a decorative form. It provides extra light at the entrance and emphasises the shape of the room.

Create space

Create dimensions with direct/indirect version of fittings that provides light both towards the floor and onto the ceiling. That creates a sense of space.

Cluster of round-beam luminaires

Use suspended clusters of large, round-beam luminaires in the centre of the room, it maximise generous ceiling height and provides a general lighting solution.

By combining different sizes close to the lounge furniture you can enhance the aesthetics within the space with a contemporary feel.

Accentuate the walls

The walls, with paintings and pieces of artwork, are accentuated with recessed wallwashers that provide comfortable ambient lighting and help define the room.

Reception areas

In the reception area itself, it’s essential there is a good working light with for example circular, suspended luminaires with a combination of direct and indirect light.

Think about energy efficiency

A good direct light is complemented by indirect light towards the ceiling, further enhanced by the use of daylight control and presence sensors to optimise function and energy-saving.

Lighting at the hospital entrance

With the exception of emergency cases, all patients, friends and relatives pass through the hospitals entrance. In situations which can be anxious and uncomfortable a welcoming, bright and spacious environment can help people relax.

This necessitates a good, glare-free light to make it easy to find information and navigate further into the hospital.