Facts DSI – Components


3-channel control unit for DIN rail mounting. Common or individual control of all channels with pushbuttons or occupancy detectors. Can be expanded with control of 4 lighting scenes (modularDIM SC) or constant light control (modularDIM DM and Daylight Sensor).

smartDIM SM-lp

Single channel control unit, which can be mounted in a suspended ceiling or luminaire. Controlled with a pushbutton in combination with an occupancy and daylight sensor, where Sensor 1 is intended for mounting in the luminaire and Sensor 2 in the ceiling area.


Single channel control unit, that can be mounted in a suspended ceiling or luminaire. Potentiometer control with EN 60929 compliant 1–10 V potentiometer controller, such as Helvar TK4 or Ensto Busch-Jaeger 2112.


As DSI-AD but designed for DIN rail mounting. With bracket for DIN rails.


Independent multisensor for control of a maximum of four luminaires. Includes an occupancy detector, daylight sensor and receiver for an infrared remote control.

Modules for BMS communication DSI-EIBS

Single channel gateway for EIB to DSI communication.


3 channel gateway for LonWorks to DSI communication.