About non-addressable digital control DSI

HF-ballasts for DSI-control are only manufactured by Tridonic. Control information in the DSI system is transferred to the HF-ballast via a non-addressable digital signal. One benefit of digital control is that it is independent of the control circuit’s length and resistance. All luminaires connected to the system are controlled in the same way irrespective of the distance between the control unit and the luminaire. Digital control also allows more flexible control of the light sources. As a result, the HF-ballast is regulated according to the eyes sensitivity.

Apart from the phase, neutral and earth conductors, two other wires for the control circuit are connected to the luminaire. The control bus is polarity free, which facilitates installation. The control and mains voltages to the control unit can be routed in the same conduit or cable sheath over a length of up to 250 m, as the digital signal is fairly insensitive to disturbances.

The lighting is switched on and off by means of a digital control command, permitting the mains voltage to be connected directly from the fuse panel to the luminaire. There is a constant supply to the luminaires, even when switched off. The minimum level is dependent on the type of light source 1 %, 3 % or 10 %.

DSI control gear 

Tridonic manufactures two ranges of dimmable control gear, Excel and Eco. In addition to all the features available on the Eco model the Excel unit also has the capability to interpret DALI commands, the possibility to program parameters and the ability to transmit error messages.


  • DSI control is non-addressable.