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Complete office project

In central Oslo lies the newly renovated Skatteetaten, the Norwegian tax administration office’s, of four connecting blocks of 32 000 square meters. This is a complete office project where Fagerhult supplied the lighting, both indoor and outdoor.


This large office building includes several functions with representative rooms, offices in a mix with conference and communication areas. The building process began in 2012 and Fagerhult delivered all the lighting during 2013. The goal was to renovate the four building that connects and additional office areas have been built between the blocks.

The lighting provided by Fagerhult enhances and complete the clean and stylish interior.


600 pieces of Avion 2x49 W and 3x49 W were the chosen to illuminate the offices and the luminaires were delivered with DALI and are controlled by KNX.

The fittings are controlled via a system from the Norwegian supplier, Function. In addition to control of the fitting, they also control blinds and airventilation from a stick hanging from the fitting. All luminaires, except the ones used in subordinated rooms were supplied with DALI.

Luminaires chosen for the communication areas, such as the stairwells and corridor, are light lines from Notor G2 opal and 600 downlights from Pleiad G2. The light lines give a clean look to the lamella ceiling and an extra design and functional element illuminating the stairs.

The meeting areas, canteen and reception have been designed by the architect to make a welcoming and stylish impression for the visitors. Fixtures with an extra touch of stylish design have been chosen for these areas.

The boardroom is illuminated with the crisp light from timeless Tibi and Notor with LED.

Fagerhults partner Simes provides luminares for the outdoor areas. 50 pieces of the post mounted Focus, 20 uplights and 110 downligts and Fagerhult’s Pleiad G3 is installed under the entrance ceiling.

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