Twister & Twister Line
A rotating fluorescent lamp and a postmodern spotlight - both a part of the architectural universe created by Jani Kristofferson, at Campus arkitekter, for an upcoming project in London.
With the visual experience as a starting point, the luminaires are perfect for striking accent lighting. Thanks to the adjustable swivel, the Twister duo enables continuous formation of graphic patterns, geometric shapes, textures and vector elements. Let Twister spotlights’ accent points and the brilliant lines from Twister Line join together in creating new patterns. Turn the motif and give the room a real twist.

Twister Spotlight
Twister Spotlight is a dynamic and creative solution based on a well-known cylindrical shape, but with an elegant twist. In the understated design, where geometry and function are clear, is a classic knob shaped as an X, which gives the spotlight its stylish profile. Simple in form, but powerful enough to play an important role in creating effects.
Twister is just 55 mm wide, and with its small size and narrow design, the technical focus is on being able to produce the right luminous flux to create effective lighting.
The luminaire is produced in 927 and 930 as standard, and other colour temperatures on request. It is available completely in matte black, matte black/aluminium or with foiling in the customer's preferred colour. There are three light distributions available - small, medium and flood. Twister is rail mounted and is compatible with a standard 3-phase rails (on/off), Control Track (DALI) and is also adapted for Bluetooth wireless lighting control.

Twister Line
Twister Line is a brilliant line, which easily enhances designed architectural spaces. The narrow, rounded minimalist shape was created with its sibling Twister spotlight in mind. With 23 “guided” adjustable positions, the possibilities for graphic patterns with this luminaire are endless.
Twister Line comes in two lengths, 1260 mm and 630 mm, and measures a dainty 24 mm in diameter. The luminaire has a cup with wide light distribution and is available in discreet black as standard. Equipped with 3500 K, Twister Line produces a very nice pure white tone in the opal cup with high CRI (min. 90).
Easily click the Twister Line in place with either a Control Track or Lighting Track Pro, and choose how you want to control it – with Control Track (DALI) or wireless lighting control.