Tibi produces a crisp, radiant light, floating in the space with its distinct form. Its classical super ellipse shape is maximised with advanced LED technology to create a stunning light experience. Its extensive range includes ceiling and wall luminaires which have been optimised to use the most functional control system on the market.

Careful consideration was paid towards the selection of materials and high quality LED units. Its distinctive, contemporary design units the rectangles surface efficiency with the circles aesthetic appeal. The even illuminance across the globe enhances the diffuser, constructed of smooth polished acrylic, reminiscent of glass.

Tibi was developed as a complete luminaire family consisting of pendant, ceiling and wall variations. A suspended luminaire of 800 mm for large rooms is supported by pendant, ceiling and wall luminaires in two sizes – 600 mm and 400 mm. All models are available with aluminium details in two finishes: brushed and clear lacquered aluminium or a polished, black lacquered surface.

The ceiling and wall luminaires are ready for use with the wireless control system e-Sense Move, which lights up each floor as and when someone enters. A perfect solution for stairwells.