Streamer is an efficient and dynamic spotlight, designed for track systems in modern indoor environments. Its compact luminaire housing makes it easy to install in spaces with lower ceiling heights than usual, but while maintaining output and quality.
Our powerful spotlight has a classic cylinder design and is available with three versions of reflectors, narrow, medium and wide beam. With a high-performance reflector, luminaire output is further increased. The luminaire body and arm are made of aluminium, and it is available in a classic black or white finish.
Streamer is a good when it comes to creating atmosphere and attention in a retail environments, for example. It can be easily directed (rotatable 360°) and tilted (0-90°) to optimally enhance areas or surfaces in shops. Colour reproduction is naturally important in retail environments, and Streamer with its CRI 90 does everything to enhance the surroundings.
To prevent glare and make the luminaire more prominent, louvre shutters or barn doors are available as accessories. The luminaire can also be used as a discreet downlight with narrower light distribution in, for example, corridors or communication areas.