Kaptur LITE

An encapsulated industrial luminaire for exposed and cold environments. With protection class IP 67, the luminaire is an excellent choice for garages or culverts.


Surface mounted, wall, wire and bracket. Multi-suspension, see Accessories, can be used for installation of surface and wall mounting as well as for chain or wire pendants.


Two cable entries fitted with blanking grommets Ø 22 mm – one at each end. Snap-in terminal block 5 x 2.5 mm² 1-phase through-wiring possible.


Body of glass fibre reinforced polyester. Mounting plate made of white enamelled plate.


Diffuser made of plastic, acrylic (PMMA, IK02) or polycarbonate (PC, IK09) with stainless steel shade catch. Acrylic shade is pearl patterned and the PC shade has internal, lengthways grooves.


e-Sense Detect – microwave sensors with lux threshold. Presence control on/off via relay or high/low, alternatively high/low/off via DALI.
e-Sense Move – microwave sensors with lux threshold. Presence control high/low/off. All luminaires have master/slave functionality with RF communications.


Luminaire satisfies the requirements for D-marking, i.e. limited surface temperature (90 °C) as set out in the Electrical installation regulations EN 436 40 00.


e-Sense Move – How it works


Kaptur is a capped industrial luminaire that fit well in harsh and cold environments. With protection class IP 67, the fitting is an excellent choice for garages or underground corridors. Its LED solution provides easy...

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Name Description Art.no.
Name Description Art.no.
Adjustable ceiling bracketAdjustable ceiling bracket/pair91374
Multi suspensionMulti suspension/pair91998
Spare shadeSpare shade acrylic 673 mm90192
Wall bracketL=150 mm (apiece)91508
Wall bracketLength 250 mm91509
Spare shadeSpare shade polycarbonate 673 mm90300
Spare shadeSpare shade polycarbonate 1283 mm90302
Spare shadeSpare shade polycarbonate 1583 mm90304
Spare shadeSpare shade acrylic 1583 mm90196
Adjustable wall bracketAdjustable wall bracket/pair91375
Cable wireCable wire bracket/pair91334
Tube bracketConduit bracket/pair 91198
Remote control e-Sense Move DALIRemote control e-Sense Move DALI86305
Wall bracket135 °, L=200 mm/st91313
Globe lockGlobe lock (10)90367
Globe lockGlobe lock (1)90365
Spare shadeSpare shade acrylic 1283 mm90194