Kaptur is a durable and reliable encapsulated industrial luminaire, capable of doing those jobs that require a little extra. Its durable design is suitable for exposed and temperature-extreme environments, such as parking garages, culverts or large warehouses. With its protection rating (IP 67), Kaptur is a perfect choice for surfaces and areas where conditions are harsh due to, among other things, external forces.
Equipped with high-quality LEDs, Kaptur is a reliable and uncomplicated/straightforward lighting solution with a long working life. Lighting in these types of areas can sometimes be difficult to maintain, due to their placement. This is when Kaptur is a long-term and sustainable choice, with low maintenance and high performance.
Kaptur can be used in the most possible and impossible places – all to facilitate the activities underway at the site. It can also be equipped with our smart lighting control systems, e-Sense Move and e-Sense Detect, to save energy and increase the energy efficiency.