Itza is a new, sustainable approach to lighting. A future-proof LED luminaire, equipped with the latest louvre technology and developed to reduce environmental impact and operating costs.

With Itza we have stripped back all the details that are not directly related to functionality- minimising material use while still proving a high level of energy efficiency. Defined by its trend-neutral, clean and simple lines, Itza creates harmonious and stimulating lighting environments where people thrive. The luminaire provides a comfortable combination of direct light and space-creating indirect light against walls and ceilings. Two louvre options provide a high level of lighting comfort and eliminate glare. Choose from microprismatic Delta louvre and the new Beta Opti with Opti technology. Two luminous flux and two colour temperatures make it possible to plan the lighting environment with regard to the tasks.

Itza can be equipped with Tunable White for controlling the intensity and colour temperatures between 2700 K and 6500 K.

For a greater level of visual definition it can be customised with a range of different adhesive colours. The matt finish creates a more robust, industrial expression while the shift-effect gloss appears to change colour as it follows Itza’s soft contours. For a more dynamic, tactile solution, Itza can be supplied with a choice of different textured finishes. Replicating the sense of coloured brushed aluminium or using carbon fibre wrap in a standard or honeycomb pattern, the structured finishes are supplied in a range of different colours. Read more