iTrack is a highly flexible, energy efficient track system which combines controls, a full range of luminaires and emergency lighting in one slim, aluminium profile. Developed for easy and logical installation, iTrack helps reduce valuable time onsite and the risk of errors made during the connections.

The ability for track systems to permit numerous luminaires to communicate and act in unison lends itself to large areas or longer spaces. From airports and warehouses to factories and showrooms there is an option within the iTrack family for virtually any environment.

 A longstanding restriction of track systems has been the number of circuits; often placing limitations on the number of functions which can be used simultaneously. iTrack is supplied with 12 built in circuits offering the freedom to access three different phases for luminaires, in addition to emergency and lighting control.

 iTrack was developed to accommodate 3-phase adaptors, creating a unique open system. The ability to select virtually any spotlight offers the designer greater freedom to choose the lighting solutions they want from across the market.

Should the positioning of the furniture or activities being undertaken within the space change, the installed iTrack system can be easily and quickly adapted accordingly.

iTrack Line LED is the linear LED choice for Fagerhult’s iTrack system providing efficient and comfortable general lighting in a store.