To combine an alluring ageless form with a light quality to match we turned to the most enduring of design principles: the golden ration. The precisely proportioned cylinders provide aesthetic symmetry but with the ability to control the distribution of the light via the top reflector to avoid glare and light waste. By focusing on the simplest and most natural of all forms, Devina is not identified by trends or a set period of time. In essence, the perfect cylinder.

Each Devina has a distinct visual language which speaks through the carefully curated composition of materials. Designs with a Nordic spirit that can easily be translated into different habitats around the globe. The interaction between materials and light, acrylic and metal, luminaire and post helps create an expression unique to each design.

Höstglöd, Rimfrost, Kallkälla and Solglitter are all curiosities of nature. Little flourishes, which draw focus and elevate their habitat. By shielding the light source from view at every angle Devina follows the same principle. Bringing a sense of light and complimenting not dominating its surroundings.

The definition is in the detail, crafted not manufactured.