Closs LED has a classic minimalist shape and a unique visual appearance that naturally belongs in most environments. The design makes Closs LED a simple choice in projects where you are looking for an effective luminaire with character, small dimensions, and a clean style.

Despite its small cross-section of 55x125 mm, Closs LED with Beta Opti optics offers a high contrast light with good light treatment and a so-called bat-wing shaped light distribution to create a glare-free working light in different types of premises.

Closs LED is available in several sizes, with a direct or direct/indirect light, with luminous flux between 1000 and 6500 lumen. Many different lighting control options means that Closs LED can be used in most projects where you are looking for a common style throughout the project. All versions are available in both white or alu-grey structured enamelled finish.

Designed by Epsilon