LED Handrail

LED Handrail is a brand new way to integrate light into architecture – in or outdoors. The sleek aluminium handrail creates a cohesive, bright line that enhances the design of the space, whether it is a hall, a courtyard or a park. The wide choice of options ensures there is a solution for virtually any design concept.
The railing is a unique combination of functions made possible by the new LED technology. The luminaire is not only decorative but also provides a functional light across stairs and walkways. Harnessing the benefits of LED, the handrail ensures both a low power consumption (10 W/m) and a lifespan of 50 000 hours. With the modules in lengths ranging from 1 to 4.5 metres it is possible to combine a number of handrails to exactly the right length. The sections can be built in long lengths, but in environments where the ambient temperature is changeable, a break of 12 metres is needed to allow for heat expansion. Each section ends with the stylish end-caps included in the range of accessories. A sleek appearance belies the fact that the railing is very robust with strength class IK10. The design is also carefully shaped to protect electrical and mechanical parts against rust and moisture, and meet the requirements of IP 44.