e-Sense Organic

e-Sense Organic is a wireless control system developed for workplaces. Each luminaire is equipped with its own sensors which reacts to presence and daylight. The sensor shares, receives and transmits information to adjacent luminaires so that the light spreads throughout the premises.

How e-Sense Organic works

With e-Sense Organic, each luminaire has a sensor that reacts to presence and daylight. Each sensor shares, receives and transmits information to adjacent luminaires so that the light spreads throughout the premises. The heart of the system is a sensor node, which is integrated in each luminaire. Each sensor node comprises a PIR sensor, IR transmitter, IR receiver, light sensor and a status indicator.

Refurb Friendly

As a wireless system e-Sense Organic is ideal for quick refurbishment projects in occupied premises. Requiring no additional wiring, to up-grade to an advanced lighting control system the luminaires simply can be replaced on a like-for-like basis. As the PIR sensor does not detect movement through walls, the system is equally as suited to spaces where the tenants plan for the layout and use are yet to be defined.

From the moment they are connected to power, e-Sense Organic luminaires provide presence detection lighting control. Using the intuitive smartphone app and dongle the system can be easily customized to your specific requirements. Stipulate dwell and dim times, low and high light levels and activate daylight harvesting. Within the system there are a number of pre-set lighting scenarios for different application areas and energy targets including open plan office, closed offices, corridors, storage rooms, breakout rooms and super energy savings. The commissioning is an easy and quick in-house task.

1. When a sensor detects presence, the luminaire switches on to a preset level.  At the same time, it transmits an infrared signal to adjacent luminaires (which have not registered presence).
2. Adjacent luminaires switch on to level 1. At the same time, they relay a level 2 signal to neighbouring luminaires, and inform them that presence has been registered in the vicinity.
3. This spreads throughout the entire floor or room. Each sensor receives signals that indicate how close presence is registered and switches on to preset levels. Each sensor is continuously receiving (and spreading) information.


Presence control

Daylight control

 Wireless communication

Manual control

App control



Open-plan offices


Plug and Play

e-Sense Organic is a highly responsive, plug and play lighting system developed for workspaces. The sensors are integrated into the luminaire which simply has to be connected to power to get a fully operational presence detection system. As each luminaire is equipped with its own sensor, e-Sense Organic offers unparalleled sensitivity to avoid light wastage in unoccupied areas without impacting on the visual experience.


From an initial fit-out to ongoing refurbishments and redesigns, workplaces often evolve with its occupancy needs. With LED luminaires now delivering light for approximately 20 years e-Sense Organic helps you make the most of your investment. If you add partitions or re-arrange the layout, the system automatically reconfigures for presence detection with further optimization a simple process using the smartphone app.

External sensors for a complete workspace

In areas such as corridors the e-Sense Organic external sensor is an ideal solution for optimising the entire workplace. Recessed linear or downlights, the sensor is compatible with any DALI luminaire where space negates an integral solution.

Integrated in the luminaire, recessed or surface mounted all the functionality is contained in the same sensor.


Sensor node (integrated in luminaires). Each sensor node comprises an IR transmitter, IR receiver, light sensor and a status indicator.

Pendant or recessed the functionality is the same

The choice between a pendant or recessed lighting solution can be dictated by personal preference, areas of use or construction restraints. E-Sense Organic is available in both variations providing the freedom to mix and match solutions within the same space.  


Using the e-Sense Organic app and dongle you can define basic settings such as dim levels delay times and daylight harvesting. With an intuitive interface and contextual help commissioning your system is a simple in-house task. 


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