e-Sense Organic

e-Sense Organic is a smart lighting control system for open-plan offices. The system is easy to install and does not need to be programmed.


Presence control

Presence detection switches lights on and off automatically. Adjustable time between detection and switching off.


Daylight control

Lighting output is adapted to the amount of incident daylight.


Manual control

Manual control via wireless wall panel.


Wireless communication

Existing installations do not need to be changed when new lighting is added.


Wireless control

Programming and control via smartphone or tablet.



Open-plan offices


How e-Sense Organic works

With e-Sense Organic, each luminaire has a sensor that reacts to presence and daylight. Each sensor shares, receives and transmits information to adjacent luminaires so that the light spreads throughout the premises. The heart of the system is a sensor node, which is integrated in each luminaire. Each sensor node comprises a PIR sensor, IR transmitter, IR receiver, light sensor and a status indicator.

How the Sensor Nodes work

1. When a sensor detects presence, the luminaire switches on to a preset level.  At the same time, it transmits an infrared signal to adjacent luminaires (which have not registered presence).
2. Adjacent luminaires switch on to level 1. At the same time, they relay a level 2 signal to neighbouring luminaires, and inform them that presence has been registered in the vicinity.
3. This spreads throughout the entire floor or room. Each sensor receives signals that indicate how close presence is registered and switches on to preset levels. Each sensor is continuously receiving (and spreading) information.



The system does not require programming but starts automatically on factory settings. Without wiring, external sensors, routers and control panels, installation of e-Sense Organic is both simple and cost-effective. 



Sensor node (integrated in luminaires). Each sensor node comprises an IR transmitter, IR receiver, light sensor and a status indicator.


With an app on your smartphone and an IR-dongle, you can install several settings — for instance, sensitivity to daylight, light levels, hold times, switching off times, sensor sensitivity and IR transmission strength — for each individual luminaire in the system.


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