Lighting control for open-plan office solutions

Consideration should be given to lighting control for open-plan offices. Lighting planning and the control system should be customised to take into account that several people will be present on the premises and everyone should be receiving the light that each person needs and feels comfortable with.

Even if today’s solutions are inherently energy-efficient, a well planned control solution can further lower consumption without compromising on lighting comfort. A control system is self-managing, switching on and dimming lights according to incident daylight, presence or absence.

Lighting control from a human perspective

In an open-plan office, it can easily be the case that someone working late feels they are sitting in a pool of light. The lighting in the rest of the premises should not be completely switched off since the premises could be perceived as dark and even threatening.


Organic Response

Organic Response is a smart lighting control system for open-plan offices. The system is easy to install and does not need to be programmed.

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e-Sense Active (previously ActiLume)

e-Sense Active is a simple control system where the sensor has three different functions: presence control, daylight control and IR receiver for programming. The luminaires are fitted with integrated control and are easy to install.

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