Lighting control in garages

Due to the relatively short occupancy levels and long opening times of garages, the potential for the reducing the consumption of energy is vast. In most instances, the illumination is primarily from artificial light sources, often with minimal or no natural light.

With LED, it is possible to continuously dim up and down without negatively impacting on the life expectancy of the light source. If the light is too specifically localised, the areas of darkness in the surrounds can negatively impact on the sense of control, in both the route to and from the vehicle and while driving. By maintaining a low base level of light across the space, you can reduce energy by responding to occupancy without creating an environment that is both difficult to operate in and unsettling.

Lighting control from a human perspective

Any lighting system in a garage has to ensure both a sense of security and facilitate the practical elements such as easy navigation, identification and exit. Using e-Sense Flex the light is triggered before the space is occupied, avoiding the surrounding area being seen as threateningly dark. If there is more than one path from the entrance, the system can switch on the luminaires across the different paths for a seamless route through the garage. With the ability to set low and high light levels and utilise daylight threshold, e-Sense Flex can be easily customised to the dynamics of its environment.

e-Sense Flex

e-Sense Flex is a wireless system developed for lighting control based on motion detection. The system is based on microwave technology and provides the right amount of light where it is needed and saves energy based on where people actually are.

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