e-Sense Tune

e-Sense Tune is a completely independent, personal and wireless lighting control system for individual offices. Control and personal settings are managed by you via your smartphone.

How e-Sense Tune works

The system is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth ­Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart by a smartphone or tablet. Once you have configured your settings, the system will automatically identify you when you enter the room and adjust to you personal settings. Users outside the room cannot adjust the system. Presence without the unit provides general lighting for cleaning services, etc. e-Sense Tune is supplied with preset scenes and features for energy saving or daylight simulation. In addition,the user has the facility to set two individual scenes according to personal preference.

e-Sense Tune is a quick-to-install lighting control system that is easy to control and expand. It is suitable for all applications where one user at a time is allowed to control the light. e-Sense Tune is intended for cellular offices, conference rooms and activity areas, and can be combined with other types of control systems that are more suitable for open-plan offices.


Presence control

Daylight control

Wireless control

Wireless communication

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Individual offices

Conference rooms



Using e-Sense Tune, you can adjust the light to your personal preferences. e-Sense Tune has four preset scenarios which give light that imitates daylight, gives you energy and boosts your well-being. You can also save two scenarios with your personal settings.
Read more about the different scenarios.



e-Sense Tune is available for both iOS and Android. The graphical interface is designed for ordinary users and is very easy to understand, even for people who have no idea what Kelvin is.

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Commissioning is performed using a smartphone or tablet and Fagerhult’s e-Sense Tune app. During commissioning, both the master and slave luminaires are identified and named.  


The master luminaire receives signals via Bluetooth and passes these on to the slave luminaires by means of an RF signal.

Master luminaire

  • Sensor
  • e-Sense Tune master unit with Bluetooth receiver and RF transmitter (integrated in the luminaire).


  • e-Sense Tune slave unit with RF receiver (integrated in the luminaire).


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