e-Sense Move

The lighting control system e-Sense Move is primarily developed for stairwells, and is based on microwave technology. In this system, several luminaires communicate with each other wirelessly. e-Sense Move does not require any control cables.

How e-Sense Move works

e-Sense Move is a duplex system, which means all luminaires act as both master and slave luminaires, depending on which luminaire detects presence. When presence is detected, information is sent on to one or more luminaires, which turn on. Each sensor is able to actively “listen” to 15 other sensors.

e-Sense Move is excellent for use in stairwells of buildings where there are many floors, for instance. The luminaires can be adjusted so that only luminaires on the floor above and below the floor where detection takes place switch on, which saves energy. If movement is detected on floor 4, for instance, the luminaires on floors 5 and 3 switch on. If someone is walking down the stairs, the luminaire on floor 3 detects this and sends a signal to floor 2, etc. In each case the light switches on in front of the person who is on their way up or down the stairwell.

e-Sense Move can even optimise the lighting in garages. Individual settings for every luminaire mean that basic lighting can be used in the dark parts, and other lighting for brief periods for the luminaires that are located towards the entrances and doors. The system is also suitable for corridors, culverts, basements and attics, because times and levels can be adjusted for each luminaire.


Presence control

Lux threshold

Absence detection to switch off

Wireless communication

Remote control






Commissioning is carried out by remote control. Commissioning includes determining which luminaires should listen to one another, light levels for basic and low-level lighting, time settings for returning to low-level lighting and/or for turning lights off.


Microwave sensor and RF unit (integrated in luminaires). The luminaire that registers presence sends an RF signal to the luminaire or luminaires that have been programmed to listen to the detecting luminaire.


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e-Sense Move luminaires (fluorescent)