e-Sense Detect

e-Sense Detect is a lighting control system based on microwave technology, which means that it can be used for your different environments and requirements. Since the sensor unit is concealed in the luminaire, the design and protection marking is not affected. The system is available in two versions: e-Sense Detect On/Off and e-Sense Detect DALI with absence dimming.

How e-Sense Detect works

A microwave sensor is different from a PIR sensor (Passive Infra Red) in that it can sense movement through a door or thin wall, for example. It may be a good idea to place a luminaire in a bathroom, for instance, since the light will come on before the door is opened. The microwave sensor acts like a radar, sending out a signal with output of less than 10 mW, which is then reflected back. When the time of the reflected signal changes, the sensor registers a movement.

e-Sense Detect On/Off

With e-Sense Detect On/Off, the sensor switches on in response to movement, and then switches off after a set time.

e-Sense Detect DALI

With absence dimming, the luminaire can be configured to provide constant low-level light (approx. 10%). When movement is detected, the light level is adjusted to 100 per cent. After the last detected presence and set time delay, the luminaire is slowly adjusted back to a low level and, depending on the setting, may be switched off completely after yet more time.



Presence control

Lux threshold

Absence dimming*



*Only e-Sense 
Detect DALI





Settings for sensitivity, time and levels for low level, time to switch-off and lux threshold are configured using the DIP switches in the luminaire.

e-Sense Detect On/Off

A microwave sensor with a relay terminal can control one or more luminaires.

e-Sense Detect DALI

Microwave sensor with DALI outlet can control up to 17 followers. Integrated power supply.


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