e-Sense Connect

e-Sense Connect is a competent control system with intelligent daylight and presence control for environments where the need for very good lighting is greatest. The system is energy-efficient, wireless and simple to install.

How e-Sense Connect works

e-Sense Connect is wireless, and all luminaires – both with and without sensors – are fitted with an RF device for communication with the control unit. Because everything is integrated in the luminaires, no external sensors for presence and daylight control are required. The luminaires are connected to mains voltage and therefore require neither control cables nor adjustments to the building structure.


Presence control

 Absence control

Daylight control

Manual control

Wireless communication

Remote control 




The luminaires are grouped into different groups, and the groupings determine how the luminaires react. Groupings are set by remote control.  



Each row of luminaires should have one luminaire with a sensor. The sensors in each row communicate with the control unit, which determines the lighting requirement for each row.


  • Control unit
  • Control unit (rotary potentiometer and non-locking push button)
  • Remote control for grouping


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