It's time for a change

A revolution within office lighting

A characteristic profile measuring only 11.5 mm at its narrowest point and never exceeding 36 mm, not only shows up the slender stylish appearance of Skywalker, it illustrates how the shape embraces all its components with a unrivalled accuracy. Where space is maximised without compromise or exception. A suspended luminaire that challenges, where the design demands new technology.

Skywalker possesses a balance between award-winning design and revolutionary technology, where one brings life to the other.


Technical diffuser film with an effective “batwing” distribution that generates copious ambient lighting in harmony.

Skywalker from the side

An award-winning design

An elegant composition of different shapes that blend into the same luminaire. In a combination where minimalism and volume interplay and create a pure Scandinavian effect. The design process begins from the user's perspective, to meet the needs with the right design. The form draws in the surroundings, with its significant oval opening, without compromising the personal sphere.

Skywalker cut

Minimalism with volume

Skywalker takes the minimalist concept to new levels with its optimised technology packaged in an elegant vertical form. Skywalker is a product of innovation and modern thinking, a willingness to realize a vision. In order to create something new, something groundbreaking, there is no room for error. Each aspect requires careful consideration and precision.

illustration of beta opti nano

Beta Opti Nano

Perfection in the details

An innovative design follows innovative optics. In the Beta Opti Nano louvre, old principles have been discarded to make room for something new. A challenge to build on, to improve through innovative thinking. The challenge to develop a tailored louvre that will be housed in a minimalist environment while ensuring the optimal light pattern. The sides of the reflector are designed to allow the direct luminous flux to radiate unhindered, while its lower part permits the right amount of light to be reflected out to produce precise width in the character of light pattern.

Beta opti nano

Customised performance

An innovative design of the louvre’s cross blades prevents the light from being cast back into the luminaire. Instead the angles of the cross blades guide the light downward, maintaining light efficiency. The louvre design is based on the characteristics and distribution angle of the LED resulting in good lighting comfort. 

Accurate calculations ensure an optimised (the) number of diodes in each cell. Adding several points of light between each cell in the louvre, combined with the design of the cross blades, produces good results in both efficiency and prevention of glare, while at the same time minimizing the occurrence of multiple shadows.


illustration of beta opti nano

A uniform impression with Push Dim

With our Push Dim solution, you can adjust the lighting over your workstation to suit you, your work tasks and your needs. All with the touch of a button. This innovation replaces the previous pull cord that had a similar function for lighting control. But instead of tangled cords, which are either usually tied up or left to hang in the field of view, this solution creates a neater aesthetic. In larger rooms, the perception of the office environment becomes more uniform.  

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