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When we develop luminaires, we always work from the starting point that it should be as easy as possible for our customers. Recesso has become a firm favourite because it does just that. It meets the most stringent requirements for economy and flexibility, while at the same time being easy to install. And now it is also available in an LED design.

Recesso has been optimised for recess mounting in suspended ceilings with visible T-bars. Six different modules in three widths simplify the planning and make it easy to create large, harmonised solutions with joint flexibility. Regardless whether the area is to be used for smaller work rooms, large offices or general areas, the different versions of Recesso can easily be combined to handle the lighting task.

We have also supplemented the Recesso family with MultiFive Beta Opti when you want to enjoy all of Recesso's benefits even in an HB ceiling. If you need a solution to everything you might face in a construction project- the answers black and white .


Lighting comfort

Equipped with the newly developed louvre for LED, Beta Opti, Recesso takes control of both the lights visual qualities and efficiency. Using LEDs there are no dark cells at the ends of the louvre, providing a uniformed spread for an enhanced aesthetic. Recesso provides outstanding lighting comfort that meets the human need for glare-free and high-contrast light.


During the installation phase Recesso is extremely cost effective; the luminaire is supplied fully fitted – it only has to be plugged in. Throughout the construction period the protective film over the louvre opening stays on the luminaire and is easily removed after final cleaning. A simple and quick installation at all stages of the process.


In its way of combining lighting with ventilation Recesso is a pioneer; the ventilation can be drawn through the luminaire without energy intensive light depreciation. A newly optimised design leads the air across the long side of the louvre and minimises the disruption of the light-emitting surface, maintaining the luminous efficiency.

Beta Opti

Beta Opti optimise the efficiency while still providing fantastic lighting comfort. The innovative louvre has been developed from the ground up embracing all the benefits of LED without compromising on comfort.

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