A new, sustainable approach to lighting

Efficiency, light quality, longevity, LED technology has cleared many hurdles in a short space of time. If you’re going to create something that lasts 80,000 hours the next challenge is an aesthetic which can also last the pace. With Itza we have stripped back all the details that are not directly related to functionality. Defined by its trend-neutral, clean and simple lines, the room can undergo numerous different guises but the luminaire can remain the same. 


Optimised for the environment

From a new product development perspective LED has become the new normal but with Itza we have taken a holistic approach to reducing the environmental load. Providing exceptional efficiency packaged within a timeless design that minimises volume and materials usage is our way of conserving resources. Lighting that never needs to be changed for aesthetic reasons but instead can work for a long time.

Adapted for people

Itza creates a harmonious and stimulating lighting environment;  providing a comfortable combination of direct light and space-creating indirect light against walls and ceilings. Both of the two louvre options provide a high level of lighting comfort and eliminate glare.  Choose between the microprismatic Delta louvre or the new Beta LED with Opti technology. With two luminous flux’s, 5500 lm and 4700 lm, and two colour temperatures, 3000 K and 4000 K, you have the flexibility to plan the lit environment aligned to the tasks being undertaken. Itza can be equipped with Tunable White for controlling colour temperatures between 2700 K and 6500 K. With e-Sense Tune, the light is easily controlled via an app on a tablet or phone.


A good investment

Itza combines the latest reflector technology with rational use and production of materials. The result is a luminaire with high energy efficiency, 120 lm/W.

Beta Opti

Ever since LED’s were introduced, the lighting industry has struggled with a difficult equation; how to optimise the efficiency while still providing fantastic lighting comfort. Through a bottom up re-design of a traditional approach, Fagerhult have developed  Beta with Opti technology, embracing all the benefits of LED without compromising on comfort. 

Our ambition has been to create a sustainable and future-proof louvre technology that places people and the environment at the centre. No compromises, no excuses. Just technical perfection.

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Tunable White

We have become accustomed to adjust settings of most of the things we use. Now we have the possibility to create the light we thrive in, or feels best right now. Set the light according to your own preferences or what you are doing right now. You decide!

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e-Sense Tune

Lighting control for individual offices based on tunable white with daylight, presence and manual control. Controlled and personalised with your app on your smartphone.

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