There is a Discovery Evo for every occasion. What is yours?

When we launched Discovery the premise was entirely new. A straightforward, simple and easy to work with concept where a single luminaire would satisfy the need for good energy efficient lighting in environments that were previously too tricky to solve. Today, Discovery is in stairwells, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms and cellars in both public and private environments. In ceilings and on walls. Indoors and outdoors.

Now we are taking Discovery on the next step of its development; reinforcing all the benefits of the concept and with additional features based on LED technology. Discovery Evo is even more versatile, with new applications for even more demanding environments. Discovery Evo has tough-to-beat lighting performance with extreme energy efficiency and a comfortable, space-creating light pattern. Discovery Evo is more refined in its form and more solid in its expression. Discovery Evo is even quicker to install. A completely new luminaire – endless possibilities.  


Supremely versatile

Discovery Evo fulfils the lighting needs under all circumstances. The basic model, in a classic white design, is IP44 classified, available for ceiling and wall as well as recessed mounting. Two luminous flux, 1100 lm and 1700 lm, and two colour temperatures, 3000 K and 4000 K, make it possible to set the lighting environment specifically to the area of application. Discovery Evo is also available in an IK 10 anti-ligature design as well as in a IK 10 and IP 55 model for outdoor use – in black, anthracite grey and white finishes.

Superior lighting performance

With an efficiency of 115 lm/W and luminous flux of up to 1700 lm, Discovery Evo sets a new standard in its luminaire class as a functional and cost efficient solution in any area of a building.


Quickest installation?

A large number of luminaires installed in often difficult-to-work spaces require efficient installation. Discover Evo is one of the quickest on the market. An innovative installation solution with body and recess kit provides a user friendly light package. The LED module and diffuser are placed together which makes the installation smooth and safe as the lighting element can be put to one side while the body is being installed.

Light control

Discovery Evo can be equipped with presence control based on microwave sensors or PIR. The microwave sensors offer an on and off function or absence dimming high/low/off and it’s now possible to control the absence dimming function via DALI in situations where you want to combine one master luminaire with several slave luminaires. A functional solution in laundry rooms, storerooms or changing rooms for example.

The solution can also be optimised with e-Sense Move; a control system specially designed for stairwells, corridors and other communication areas. Programming takes place easily by remote control.

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