The latest LED technology in an attractive design

The second generation of the Conledo G2 post luminaire has been equipped with our unique AGC lenses with a great choice of optics for optimised lighting in parks and residential areas, as well as on streets and minor roads. 

Conledo G2 has a transparent exterior with an interior that illuminates when darkness falls. The opal diffuser lights up, becoming a reassuring shape that announces its presence from a distance. The luminaire is characterised by soft, organic shapes and as you move around the luminaire it has a timeless and simple design when viewed side-on.


Visual comfort

Here at Fagerhult, visual comfort means that the light provided must be a positive experience – both for those seeing the light close up and for those actually in the light of the luminaire. With the aid of Fagerhult’s specially developed AGC lenses (Advance Glare Control), we have succeeded in minimising the glare.

The lenses have been placed to form an illuminating cluster that optimises the visual comfort, and when the luminaire is lit even the vertical surfaces take on a well-judged brightness. This means that the eye can comfortably adapt to the road ahead approaching the luminaire and there is less risk of glare.

High level of freedom with optimised optics

In lighting technology terms, Conledo G2 is optimised to the requirements of the latest lighting standard and you can choose from several different lenses adapted for various applications. Everything from street lighting, car parks, footpaths and cycle paths to wet roads. Our E lenses are designed to focus on illuminance, while the L lenses are the natural choice if the luminance from the ground is the main priority.

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Energy savings with CLO and night-time dimming

The luminous flux in LEDs reduces over time. A new diode emits more light than a diode that has been in use for a while. And that is why CLO (Constant Light Output) is used in Conledo G2. This means the driver is programmed to supply less power at the beginning of the service lifetime and more at the end of the service lifetime. The luminous flux remains constant, providing huge potential for energy savings.

With the aid of night-time dimming, major energy savings can be made without switching off lights. Conledo G2 offers night-time dimming 1, which means that the light level is adjusted down to 50% from the light cycle’s centre point and six hours ahead. When six hours have passed, the installation is adjusted back up to full level. This gives an energy saving of up to 20% without sacrificing the sense of security or visual comfort. 

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