A large office with space for lots of workstations necessitates flexibility. To accommodate this, we have lit this office with a recessed luminaire Multilume Flat which provides the required general light without needing to be re-positioned should the layout change.

Installing wallwashers of Pleiad G3 across the short walls not only provides essential ambient light but also helps bring the designer’s concept to life. The second half of the office has been designed to function as an area for informal meetings and as a social hub. The furniture creates several rooms within the room.

A slightly higher ceiling height, 3.40 metres, dictates the choice of suspended luminaires Appareo Circular that provide both direct and indirect light.

One of the room’s short walls is accentuated by wallwashers Pleiad G3 while the kitchenette by the other short wall has been given a functional and decorative solution with a suspended luminaire Gaudi. 


Multilume Flat Delta

A recessed workplace luminaire in various sizes for most types of suspended ceilings. Delta louvres provide efficiency and optimal lighting comfort.

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Pleiad Wallwasher G3

An asymmetrical downlight for lighting on walls with one light that reaches all the way to the ceiling edge. Also available with Tunable White for dynamic lighting.

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Gaudi Circular

A suspended luminaire with minimal dimensions and opal louvres. Inspired by classical architectural shapes for guest reception offices and conference areas.

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Appareo Circular

A suspended workplace luminaire with side-emitting LEDs that produce direct/indirect light. Appareo combines uncompromising design with good ergonomics.

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