A a room for creativity. The lighting can be easily switched from atmospheric to full working conditions. A Tibi hangs in a central position, providing a comfortable light on the walls and ceiling. The design of the luminaire makes it possible to play with the suspension without a risk of glare. The walls have been equipped with Pleiad Wallwasher G3 for added dynamism.



In this room we have created an intimate and varied atmosphere that emphasises the relaxed design style. The suspended luminaire (Appareo Circular) links the furnishing of the seating group together and provides essential working light and a certain amount of indirect light up towards the ceiling. Wallwashers (Pleiad G3) along both of the walls makes for a creative ambient light which helps define the space.

The decorative, tree-shaped coat stands can be accentuated by spotlights (Easy LED) to become a functional piece of art in the room. Natural shapes and greenery have a positive influence on creativity – even if the plants aren’t alive …


Easy with LED

A series of small, round downlights. Fixed or tiltable/rotatable in various sizes and various distribution angles.

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Appareo Circular

A suspended workplace luminaire with side-emitting LEDs that produce direct/indirect light. Appareo combines uncompromising design with good ergonomics.

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Tibi Pendant

A round beam decorative luminaire in three sizes for entrances and stairwells, for example. Also available with Tunable White for dynamic lighting.

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Pleiad Wallwasher G3

An asymmetrical downlight for lighting on walls with one light that reaches all the way to the ceiling edge. Also available with Tunable White for dynamic lighting.

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