Lighting control in hospitals

A hospital is like its own small community. There are offices, patient rooms, examination rooms, corridors, operating theatres and so on. All rooms and areas require different lighting in different situations and at different times. Patients and staff have different light requirements, which complicates everything. Depending on the room or area’s function, you have several options to choose from when it comes to lighting control.


The person responsible for the facility also has a vested interest in a functional and effective lighting solution. Reducing energy consumption is an important challenge for hospital administration. Around 22 percent of the power consumed in hospitals can be attributed to lighting, and the older the facility, the greater the percentage. Using lighting control, energy consumption can be reduced by 30 percent for an entire building.

Considering the total energy requirement when the hospital is in operation 24/7, being responsible for lighting and operations is no small environmental matter. The challenge is made simpler by a modern lighting solution with lower energy requirements, a longer service life and low maintenance costs. Apart from the requirement for energy-efficient lighting, functional, biological and emotional human needs must also be considered.

Lighting requirements

For patients and staff, this function is an essential requirement for a lighting system. Just as the patient requires light to promote recovery, staff also need light that satisfies various requirements for various tasks and work situations. Different light solutions are required in different rooms for visual tasks and activities. The need for a sufficient amount of light is particularly important. 

Selecting a control system

In certain areas, you can choose between various e-Sense system without the need for complex programming, while other areas require more flexibility. 

With a DALI-control that can be programmed then and there, most requirements can be satisfied both in terms of energy efficiency and flexibility with various scenes as regards to light levels and colour temperature (Tunable White). Different types of panels are used to select the various pre-set scenes in diverse areas.  

Recommended e-Sense systems

Different types of care and treatment rooms: e-Sense Customised
Offices: e-Sense Active
Stairwells: e-Sense Move