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For both patients and staff, this function is an essential requirement. Well-designed lighting helps ensure more accurate diagnoses and better treatment, and is also conducive to an environment where patients are able to relax and feel at ease with their situation.

Patient rooms

A patient’s room is very complex from a lighting perspective because both the patient’s and staff’s needs must be considered. 

Read our guide for good lighting in the patient room  


Staff room

A staff room is the staff’s personal relaxation bubble, a place for unwinding and chatting. The room therefore needs lighting with both direct and indirect light.

Guide for staff room  



Intensive care

Intensive care rooms can quickly become overly technical and frightening for the patient, but the staff need light to care for them. With the right lighting solution, everyone’s needs can be met.

Guide for intensive care


Korridor i sjukhus


The light in the corridor should not dazzle the patient being moved in their bed even though much of the staff’s work is actually carried out here. 

Guide for corridor  


Väntrum på sjukhus

Waiting rooms

Whether we’re waiting as a patient or relative, the waiting room’s design and lighting is important for enhancing the sense of security and reducing frustration.

Guide for waiting rooms  


Entré på sjukhus


A welcoming and well-lit entrance is the first thing that we meet as visitors. The light helps us orientate ourselves and find our way, and helps put us at ease.

Guide for entrances