Enhance brand values

Creating feelings and experiences are important to achieve an attractive environment. Individuality and artistic design becomes increasingly common in retail areas especially. With Neo LED Profile you can unleash your creativity and create a unique shop.


A Profile spotlight

Neo LED Profile is a profile spotlight with a zoom lens system and the ability to project gobo patterns. There is a wide range of gobos to chose from.

Communicate messages and frame

Neo LED Spotlight can also project specific words, letters or logos that will give a possibility to communicate with customers. The beam shaping shutters can be used to frame objects in light to enhance them.


High quality and flexibility

Neo LED Profile has several features that result in a very high quality of light. It has a soft user-friendly dimmer that makes it possible to adjust to the right light levels manually, for the right light distribution.

The double lens system makes it possible to focus to get a very sharp light image. It also has a stepless/continuous variable beam angle adjustment from 16 to 35 degrees which will give full flexibility in portraying the illuminated objects. The colour rendering is excellent.

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