Attract, guide and save with Lighting controls in retail

How can you make light personal? To attract customers in a shop, creating an inspiring atmosphere and at the same time increase both sales and energy savings? Use lighting controls.

Fagerhult's lighting solutions offer very high energy efficiency and, combining this with lighting control, you can reduce energy cost even further. Lighting  control needs to be easy to comprehend and to work with, with e-Sense Customised Retail we offer our customers an application for lighting control. e-Sense represents ease of use, efficiency, ergonomics and economy. 

e-Sense Customised Retail

e-Sense Customised Retail is Fagerhult’s new lighting control package where the applications Window, Fit, Focus and Atmosphere enable specific solutions for different purposes in a shop.

The packages are adjusted to fit the customer’s specific needs. It is supposed to be a practical tool and you should consider what you want to achieve instead of which technical components you should use.


e-Sense Customised Retail – window

The shop window is all about drawing attention. Presence sensors react when people pass and can project vivid and interesting light scenes. You can also regulate the intensity of the lighting, for example when no one is near, you can dim all or some of the luminaires to save energy usage. Or why not adjust the lighting level in relation to the natural light outdoors?


e-Sense Customised Retail – fit

Imagine a changing room where you can choose between different light scenes depending on what type of clothes you are wearing. For instance, wearing a shirt for work demands one type of lighting, a dress for a night out another and a pair of shorts for a day on the beach a third. Let the shop owner or the customer change the lighting scene using a touch panel or an iPad.

Adjusting the light sources, colour rendering and colour temperature makes the customer feel comfortable and hence more inclined to buy.


e-Sense Customised Retail – focus

You can also put focus on different areas in your shop, creating islands of interest letting light lead your customers around. If you have a specific campaign or focus area with the latest offer you can work with lighting control in this area to create interest, for example changing light temperature or increasing light when someone is approaching.

It is also scientifically proven that elderly people need more light than younger. Depending on the person standing at the cash desk you can adjust the lighting in order to create a good work environment.


e-Sense Customised Retail – atmosphere

Atmosphere is about intensifying and strengthening what the shop has to offer, making the ambience in the shop reflect the brand. For example, creating a specific atmosphere for specific events, prolonged opening hours where you can change the atmosphere in the shop by working with RGB colour system and set different light scenes. This arouses interest and curiosity.


The technique behind

Along the e-Sense Customised Retail application you need to have the necessary basis for lighting control that is a track and luminaires that are DALI compliant. The control unit fits in a 20x10 cm box and is programmed on site in your shop according to your needs.

DALI is a protocol for the digital communication between components of the lighting installation and includes the luminaires, the sensors and the control units.

DALI is the primary condition for enabling the e-Sense Customised Retail concept. By using DALI the lighting can be dimmed, switched on and off. It also enables the recall of lighting schemes, time-controlled changes and the possibility of adjusting luminaires individually. If sensors and motion detectors are included in the system you can create responsive lighting solutions.


Download brochure about e-Sense Customised Retail


Wireless Control Track Gear

For those craving an even easier and simplified approach on retail lighting controls, Fagerhult offers the Wireless Control Track Gear. It’s an easy to install and use plug and play system where you just plug in the lighting control components in the track. Then you can dim the lighting in that specific track up and down and turn it on and off.

For more information about our Lighting control packages contact a Fagerhult sales office.