Future proof solutions

Be equipped for tomorrow´s retail landscape.

A creative ceiling

Store layouts and clever merchandising can drive sales, but to create the complete solution it is an advantage to have the right lighting and be able to position it accurately around a store.

The flexibility to create

iTrack is a flexible lighting system that integrates ambient and accent lighting, emergency lighting, controls and speakers into a single package. Also, a generous range of connectors give the lighting designer additional flexibility when configuring lighting schemes. L, T, X and even flexible couplers can be used to add further identity to the shop by installing
creative track patterns on the ceiling. Whether you create a continuously mounted or a grid configured lighting scheme, iTrack is the perfect lighting solution for retail applications.
By choosing iTrack today, you are well equipped for the retail landscape of tomorrow. Accent lighting can be achieved with either iTrack’s own spotlight range, or, thanks to the open system characteristics, with any standard 3-circuit track spotlight. The open system also allows you to exchange signature pendant luminaires for a new, fresh retail atmosphere.

To compliment the comprehensive range of track solutions, new luminaire systems have been developed to maximise iTracks flexibility and simplicity. The fluorescent luminaires, that provide general lighting come with the iTrack adaptor for simple installation, repositioning and phase selection. The added benefit of 3-circuit track compatibility is that accent and ambient lighting can be combined to create a uniform look.

Sounds inviting?

The more senses you activate in your shop, the stronger its identity. It is vital to stand out among the competition and attract passers-by. Shops that connect brand values to unique interiors, enhancing lighting and signature tunes, will offer a stronger shopping experience. But the more elements integrated in the shop, the more installations, work and time you will need to invest.

We would like to make some of those installations easier. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine several elements in a single system? With iTrack you can. To complement the lighting installation, we offer a speaker system that can be connected in the same 3-circuit as the other luminaires – conveniently providing atmospheric tunes and music in every
corner of your shop.