Energy efficient solutions with iTrack

Controlling the light saves energy

Light when you need it

Controlling the lighting with iTrack gives the retailer various new possibilities to save energy. Dimming fluorescent light sources has been possible before but with Marathon LED iTrack spotlight, the opportunity to dim and control accent lighting is greatly improved.

The use of sensors

There are many ways to control the lighting to save energy, and the right way to do it depends largely on what kind of shop you have. Using sensors that detect movement and daylight are ways to avoid using artificial light when it is not needed. On a sunny day when strong light shines directly on the shop window you have great opportunities to dim down your lighting and take advantage of the natural light while saving energy.

During times when the shop is less busy, you might want to save energy by decreasing some of the lighting. This can be achieved by using sensors that dim the light when there are no customers around, but you can also set different lighting scenes that can be changed easily. The scenes can be controlled by timer or manually. Perhaps you need less lighting before opening or early in the day when the shop does not have many visitors. Another option is to connect the lighting system to a counter at the shop entrance to keep track of how many customers enter and leave the shop. When the number of visitors reaches a peak, the best possible lighting scenes are turned on.

Dimming the light

The lighting installation does not need to be on full power all the time if you can control it. iTrack makes controlling easy. If a luminaire is dimmed by 10%, it is hardly detectable to the human eye but will create energy savings of 10%. An investment in an iTrack solution is justified by the large potential for energy savings - and energy is certain to become more expensive in the future.

Over 30% of a shop’s energy cost is for lighting. Lighting control can bring significant energy savings to any application, and iTrack can be controlled in many different ways.

Layred control options

iTrack’s three circuits can be easily switched to create three levels of illuminance. Luminaires can be assigned to each of the three circuits either during or after installation by simply selecting the desired position on the luminaire track adapter.

These three circuits can be controlled manually, by remote detectors or used in combination to create a simple control system. Unlike traditional hard-wired systems that have to be structured before installation, iTrack controls can be configured and conveniently changed at any time.

DALI brings ultimate flexibility

For the most flexible control systems, iTrack luminaires are available with DALI control gear. This enables each luminaire to be switched or dimmed individually to create the most efficient lighting schemes. 

A DALI multisensor is available as part of the iTrack system to bring presence detection and daylight dimming to any area. DALI allows users to remotely switch and group luminaires through a software interface rather than manually selecting circuits on the track adapter.