Different atmospheres with the same luminaires

Conventional 3-circuit lighting track has been used successfully for many years by retailers who require adjustable accent lighting, whether the aim is to achieve a presentation of fashion as an extension of the catwalk or simply to emphasise key areas of merchandise. Such visual impact is a well established principle of strong retail branding.

Taking advantage of DALI contol

iTrack in combined with a controllable luminaire, such as Marathon LED iTrack for DALI, offers retailers a new level of possibilities. The retailer can create a variety of shop experiences and affect customers’ feelings, simply by changing the lighting. The same luminaires can create very diverse light experiences when a flexible solution such as iTrack is installed. Being able to change the lighting with the seasons will make the shop feel new and vibrant. Having the same installation in the whole shop while creating different atmospheres in various parts of the shop is one of the advantages of iTrack.

Changing moods

Pictured above are two different examples of an installation with iTrack and Marathon LED for iTrack, with an opal pendant with fluorescent light tubes as an decorative element. The first image is a shop with a very fresh feel and crisp lighting. The lighting levels are quite even and the decorative pendant emits a white light. The second image shows a more dynamic lighting scheme with shadows and coloured light adding flavour to the experience. The spotlights have narrow beam distribution and the lighting is quite accentuated.

The luminaires on the track can be controlled in a number of ways. Creating different moods and feelings is central to how visitors experience the shop’s image.