About iTrack

Welcome to the ever-changing landscape of retail: an exciting, spellbinding world of commerce constantly advancing to attract the customers of today – and also of tomorrow.

This is iTrack

Imagine being able to combine the design and flexibility of a track lighting system with the power and installation efficiency of trunking. iTrack combines the best of both worlds to create a powerful, flexible and aesthetically pleasing system. It integrates lighting, controls and emergency functions into a single solution that is fast to configure, install and change.

iTrack has been optimised for retail installation. It can be ceiling mounted or suspended to create a consistent brand identity regardless of the ceiling solution.

Integration as standard

iTrack is designed to connect. 12-circuits bring unparalleled flexibility and choice with up to three different lighting circuits, DALI lighting controls and emergency capability built in. That is only the start; compatibility has been extended outside iTrack’s impressive range of luminaires. iTrack is compatible with many 3-circuit track adaptors offered by other lighting companies, giving lighting designers the ultimate flexibility in luminaire selection.

Complete assortment

iTrack’s greatest advantage is the intelligence of the track which makes it possible to use luminaires with DALI in combination with sensors and emergency light. With the DALI control system, it is easy to dim and control the lighting installation to save energy or create a specific atmosphere. In addition, iTrack’s generous offer of couplers linear, X, T, L and flex makes it possible to create a pattern on the ceiling that is the most efficient positioning of the lighting.

Various suspensions are available depending on if the track will be surface mounted or pendant. There are also pendants that make it possible to use fluorescent luminaires that are not specifically developed for iTrack. Specially designed EmLED and exit sign adaptors make the whole installation simpler and more user-friendly. iTrack makes it easy to play music in the shop with a speaker placed in the track, without electrical install-ation or wires.

The power to connect

At the heart of iTrack’s system is the ability to carry a significant amount of power. It has three power circuits that can be configured to carry three separate switched lives, a 3-phase system with a rating of 16A per phase. Whichever configuration is chosen, phase selection is easily done from outside the luminaire. This not only speeds the installation process, but also allows the lighting configurations to instantly be
changed without the need to remove the luminaire.

Fast and efficient installation

With today’s ever increasing labour costs, time spent on-site can be extremely expensive. iTrack is designed for fast, efficient installation, and cuts time by up to 80% compared to a traditional hard wired system. This not only produces overall cost savings, but can also
dramatically accelerate any shopfit programme, allowing projects to be opened sooner and delivered more quickly. iTrack with nine luminaires can be installed in a typical 60m² area in as little as 15 minutes from start to finish, or at over 45 linear meters per hour.

iTrack’s fast connectivity not only offers benefits during the installation phase of a project, but continues delivering increased value throughout the life of any installation since it can be reconfigured to meet the changing demands of any space. Lighting can be moved or changed without using tools, and features such as emergency lighting or DALI controls can be added at any point in the life of the installation.

Integrated emergency systems

With five conductors dedicated to emergency lighting functions, these requirements are at the forefront of iTrack’s system development.

Our emLED is a LED based emergency lighting system specifically developed to take advantage of iTrack’s emergency capability. Available as both a self-contained non-maintained system or for use with central batteries, emLED makes the ultimate emergency lighting systems affordable. EmLED requires significantly fewer batteries in a central system and eliminates the need for separate fire rated cabling, reducing the installed cost compared to traditional systems.

Lower energy consumption

It is not generally known that integral emergency luminaires actually can add significantly to a lighting installation’s overall energy consumption. The constant trickle charge required to maintain emergency batteries can account for up to 14% of a luminaire’s overall energy consumption. This parasitic load can be reduced dramatically by using LED emergency systems which, because of their extremely low energy consumption, require only a fraction of the power to charge.

If LED emergency systems are not suitable for an application, all iTrack ambient luminaires are available as three hour integral emergency versions. Furthermore, when coupled with DALI gear, advanced central testing can be achieved.