The story behind

We must go back to one cold, sparkling night in December 1943 in the small village of Fagerhult in Sweden to find the seed that grew into what Fagerhult is today…

As the cold white plains of snow spread in the wastelands of Sweden, Bertil Svenssons mother spent a lot of times knitting warm scarves to the family. Unfortunately she often struggled with the handcraft since there often was insufficient light once darkness made its entry.

It was from that struggle Bertil got the brilliant idea – he took out his sketchbook and drew until he had designed a question marked shape lamp that would shine directly over his mother’s hands.

It took him months to get it just right. But it was worth it; the expression on his mother’s face when he revealed the lamp sparked something in Bertil. He made a decision that day: he would create lamps that responded to people’s needs. He would create light.


From a small shed in the backyard the business grew to larger magnitudes; what was once a sleepy village without a post office, became a vibrant place with the Fagerhult factory in the heart of the village.

Until this very day we care about how we can touch people and make their lives better by the power of light. But our responsibility does not end here. We have a responsibility towards, not only this generation, but also the next.


Today Fagerhult is the Nordic Region’s largest lighting group and one of Europe’s leading players in the industry. The Group, with approximately 3 300 employees, has operations in about 25 countries and has established sales organisations in Europe, Asia and Australia.

The factory remains at the same location today, but has now been extended about forty times.