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Reinier de Graaf Hospital

Recognizable and friendly building

The Reinier de Graaf Hospital of Delft is the oldest general hospital in the Netherlands. On the site of its former car park, a new 56.500 m2 hospital has been developed and lighting played an important part in this sustainable project.


The "new" Reinier de Graaf Hospital (RdG) chose to be a living example of connectivity, a connection of ideas both internally and externally.  In order to make the local community feel at home EGM architects selected five recognizable themes for the interior design of the service areas: the city of Delft, the polders, glasshouses, the beach and the metropolitan status area. These five themes were each given their own color concept derived from photos from their particular area.

In turn, the lighting plans followed these same themes.  When Kuijpers granted the project to Fagerhult, we designed several light plans over the period of a year, designing one floor at a time. Every room, every floor was different.  


The newly designed building has a very recognizable shape: like a medical Aeschulap-serpentine. The various departments oscillate around the central axis, connecting all areas of the building.

Sustainable energy was an important condition of the integrated design. So energy efficient lighting was an absolute must. By including all these measures, Reinier de Graaf Hospital helps to bring the City of Delft a step closer to their desire of being "energy neutral" by 2050 and Fagerhult's lighting plans are all part of this larger plan.

Delivery challenge

As our lighting plans were designed floor by floor and every level was different, we used very clear coding for every room. As all the luminaries of the same level had to be delivered on the same day, this resulted in quite a challenge logistically with a building of 56.500 m2! Using the different codes turned out to be a very efficient procedure! 



Det enkla är det svåra. Inte sällan är det standardlösningar som ska möta de hårdaste kraven på ekonomi och fl exibilitet. Recesso har optimerats för infällning i undertak med synliga bärprofi ler. En unik konstruktion möjliggör ventilation...

Kaptur LITE

Montage Dikt tak, vägg, lina och konsol. Multiupphäng, se tillbehör, kan användas för montage dikt tak och vägg samt för kedje- eller wirependel. Anslutning Två strypnippelförsedda införingshål Ø 22 mm – ett i vardera gavel. Snabbkopplingsplint 5x2,5 mm²...

Pleiad Compact G2

Pleiad Compact G2 är ett snabbinstallerat kompaktalternativ som förenar minimala mått med bibehållen ljuskomfort. Pleiad Compact G2 klarar snålt tilltagna infällnadsdjup och har stor horisontell flexibilitet. Köpcentrum, mässhallar,...

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