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Hämeenlinna City Hall

With focus on sustainability

When renovating the City Hall of Hämeenlinna, particular focus was set on energy efficiency and sustainable lighting. To save energy, both DALI lighting control system and LED-luminaires with presence and daylight sensors such as Multilume and Combilume were chosen for the project.


The city of Hämeenlinna lies in the heart of the historical province of Häme, in the south of Finland. There has been a settlement in Häme since the Viking age. The village was granted city rights by the King of Sweden in 1639. Now Hämeenlinna is living up to its vision by striving for sustainable development and offering a lively, beautiful and pleasant beach town for its citizens and visitors alike.

In the heart of the city lies Hämeenlinna City Hall. It is a citizen’s information center where people can get guidance on social services, financial and debt counselling, immigration info as well as tourist information.

A renovation project of the building started in June 2015, with particular focus on energy efficiency, both in cooling, air-conditioning and lighting, as well as a complete furniture and interior refurbishment. In order to save energy, the DALI lighting control system and LED-luminaires with presence and daylight sensors were chosen for the project.


Fagerhult has a long and trusted relationship with the local electric consultant having collaborated successfully on previous projects. It made sense to work together again, building on a reliable partnership, for this project.

Combilume luminaires were selected for the individual office work stations and larger office areas. In Combilume luminaires LED-technology is really at its best. The modern lighting technology and side-emitting light diodes create a pleasant and even light output.

Hallways are lit using minimalist Multilume Free and Multilume Flat luminaires creating efficient general lighting throughout the building. The luminaires, being flush with the ceiling give a completely smooth and shining surface. Slim Sektor LED luminaires for their part illuminate very narrow corridors. These luminaires are installed at the cornice of the wall and ceiling lighting the corridors with a soft, asymmetrical light. Energy efficient and economical Pleiad downlights are also used in the many general areas such as hallways and corridors, but also staff restrooms and kitchens. Vik LEDs are installed outside the building.

The entrance of the building leads to the bright and attractive reception area called Kastelli. As a feature luminaire in this central area a group of Lepo interior luminaires are used.  With their neutral shape, clean design and timeless expression they give a combination of energy efficiency, balanced illuminance and elegance.

A fresh, bright and new multipurpose premises. Even the children have their own play areas to have fun. The entire renovation is designed for optimal comfort and energy efficiency and has been achieved through varied lighting and a good lighting design that was well executed.


Multilume Flat Delta

Montage Infällning i undertak. Oventilerad alt. ventilerad byggnadsdel. Två alternativa utföranden: VTB – för undertak med synlig bärprofil (15 alt. 24 mm). 300x300 även i fasta tak. HB – för undertak med dold bärprofil/D-kant, symmetrisk infästning...

Multilume Free

Montage Infällning i undertak. Oventilerad alt. ventilerad byggnadsdel. Enbart för undertak med synlig bärprofil. Får ej täckas med isolering. För detaljerad info, se montageanvisning på vår hemsida. Anslutning Levereras med 2,5 m jordad...

Pleiad Comfort G3

Montage Infällning i undertak. Oventilerad alt. ventilerad byggnadsdel. Stabila montagefjädrar ingår. Vid montage i mjuka tak ska montageskiva användas. Driftdonsboxen är separat för flexibelt montage. Anslutning Anslutning sker i fristående LED-driftdon....

Pleiad Comfort G3 Ytmonterad

Montage Montage dikt tak. Montageplåt med två fästhål. Anslutning 3-polig snabbkopplingsplint 2,5 mm², vidarekoppling möjlig. Vid ljusreglering 5-polig snabbkopplingsplint, vidarekoppling möjlig. Ledningsinföring från armaturens ovansida alt. via 3 st...


Montage Monteras i mötet mellan tak och vägg. Uppfästning kan ske mot vägg eller tak. Anslutning Ledningsinföring i vardera gavel, dubbel införing i armaturens mitt mot tak eller vägg. Är som standard försedd med 5-polig snabbkopplingsplint i mitten....

Lepo LED

Montage Tvåpunktsupphäng c/c 55-­78 mm i takkopp vid singelmontage. Armatur 1 i en installation för rampmontage monteras i ögla i tak. Armatur 2-5 i en installation, monteras med wire i ögla sittande i kommande armaturers undersida. Takkopp till armatur...


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