Lyon Sud : France

Volvo, Lyon

Complementing the bright surfaces

Fagerhult in France have illuminated the Volvo car showroom in Lyon. The large open showroom in two floors is illuminated with a mix of LED spotlights and LED luminaires of bright surfaces that complement the bright area.


When entering the car showroom you get a feeling of a fresh and stylish area with daylight that enters through the big glass windows. The chosen lighting adds to this feeling and the feeling of the brand.


To highlight and illuminate the cars in the sales area track mounted Marathon* spotlights are used. They are focused on the cars to highlight their shapes in the room. Since they are mounted on track it is easy to change the lighting setting along the displayed cars.

The general lighting is provided by Fagerhult’s LED pendant Tibi. Tibi has a distinguished and decorative design that works excellent in the big open atrium. They function as a decorative piece of lighting when walking up the stairs and the large area below it gets plenty of general light even though the high distance to the ceiling.

The final result is a good mix of decorative and functional lighting that contributes to creating a welcoming environment that emphasise the Volvo brand.

All in Marathon LED

The products used in the total lighting solution are Marathon LED* with a medium to narrow beam angle. All in all it is a very comfortable lighting solution, with small contrasts in important areas. The energy consumption is 22 W/m2.

* This Marathon is no longer in production. Please see Marathon G2.


Tibi Pendel

Montage Tvåpunktsupphäng, c/c 55–78 mm. Anslutning Snabbkopplingsplint 5x2,5 mm2, 1-fas överkoppling möjlig. Wirelängd 2,5 m och 2,5 m vit textilledning. Utanpåliggande kabel möjlig. Höjdjustering görs i armaturen med friktionslås. Utförande Kupa av blank...

Marathon Tunable

Marathon Tunable är utvecklad för detaljhandeln men fungerar bra för alla typer av områden som har behov av att ha en flexibilitet i vit färgtemperatur. Med Marathon Tunable kan du ändra färgtemperatur i en och samma armatur. Färgtemperaturen sträcker sig...


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