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Sports and exhibitions

The municipality of Svalöv in the growing Skåne region has opened their new top modern multisport center which is equipped with lighting from Fagerhult providing great comfort and energy efficiency. The new center will be the home for Svalöv’s sports activities but will also be used as the region’s natural meeting place for fairs and exhibitions. The center consists of one large sports hall, two complement halls and a canteen. The total area is 3800 square meters where people can meet and share experiences.


Fagerhult has delivered luminaires for a lighting solution with great visual comfort that were one of the key priorities in the project. As the facility will be used for both various sport activities and exhibitions it is required a functional lighting solution without glare in any activity. The combination of LED lighting and DALI lighting control system resulted in a lighting solution with optimized energy efficiency and a satisfied customer.

- A good co-operation with Fagerhult resulted in a fantastic sport center this time, said Hans-Åke Nilsson at Prenad when he summarized the project. 


Sports halls

The major sports hall is lit with Excis and the complement halls with Indigo LED.

Communication areas

The communication areas are 100 % LED with Pleiad G3 and Multilume Flat providing a comfortable general light. The entrance is provides a welcoming atmosphere with playful winding shapes of the luminaire Freedom.


The canteen is equipped with continuous lines of recessed Notor LED to give the room a calm interior to be combined with the future buzz of hungry athletes preparing for their next sport challenge.


The controls solution was set up with pre-programmed lighting scenes for all different activities that will take place in the center. Whilst providing perfect customized lighting for each and every activity the DALI system also lower the energy consumption to a minimum level.



Excis LED erbjuder en idealisk lösning i sporthallar med avseende på ljuskomfort, energieffektivitet, tålighet och underhållsfrihet. Tre olika ljusfördelningar (bred, medel och asymmetrisk) och tre olika flöden ger förutsättningar för en perfekt belysning...

Notor infälld LED Opal flush

Montage Infällning i undertak. Oventilerad alt. ventilerad byggnadsdel. Monteras i undertak med synlig bärprofil, VTB (15 alt. 24 mm) eller fast undertak. Tillbehör finns för montage i dolt bärverk (HB) med symmetriskt placerade skivor. Anslutning...

Multilume Flat Opal

Montage Infällning i undertak. Oventilerad alt. ventilerad byggnadsdel. Två alternativa utföranden: VTB – för undertak med synlig bärprofil (15 alt. 24 mm). 300x300 även i fasta tak. HB – för undertak med dold bärprofil/D-kant, symmetrisk infästning...


Montage För pendelmontage som singel eller i ramp via wirependel alt. dikt vägg eller tak via två fästhål i profil. (Wirependel, gavlar och rampbyglar beställs separat.) Anslutning Anslutningsledning, se Tillbehör, ansluts mellan armatur och LED-driftdon....

Pleiad Comfort G3

Montage Infällning i undertak. Oventilerad alt. ventilerad byggnadsdel. Stabila montagefjädrar ingår. Vid montage i mjuka tak ska montageskiva användas. Driftdonsboxen är separat för flexibelt montage. Anslutning Anslutning sker i fristående LED-driftdon....


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