Helsingborg : Sweden

Holy Greens

Glow functions enhancing merchandise and interior

Holy Greens is a Swedish food chain with health and local produced food at focus. With new LED lighting with for amongst other Rich and Glow functions – they have a future proofed solution that highlight the store in a fresh and favourable way.


Holy Geens stores values the relationship to the human body, nature, farmers, customers and their primary products. They offer tasteful and good salads and have stores in the city centre of Malmö, Helsingborg and Stockholm. Their newly opened store in Berga in Helsignborg Sweden has a fresh and modern concept.


The merchandises on display are carefully illuminated with Marathon spotlights with Rich and Glow function.

Marathon Glow is the ultimate luminaire for bringing out warm tones in a store, perfect for illuminating healthy salads and juices.

The nature coloured elements such as wooden interior, green plants and menu is enhanced with Glow to create a more homely and warm feeling at the store. Glow function is also used to highlight the white crisp tile to create a warmer feeling on the wall.

This concept gives the store a dynamic lighting solution complemented by the large amount of daylight coming through the large windows.


Marathon Midi G2

Montage Monteras på 3-fasskena eller iTrack. Anslutning 3-fasadapter eller iTrack-adapter. Utförande Hölje i extruderad aluminium med ändpartier i pressgjuten aluminium, pulverlackerat i svart (RAL 9017) eller vitt (RAL 9016) med struktur. Frontring i...

Pleiad Evo

Montage Infällning i undertak. Oventilerad alt. ventilerad byggnadsdel. Stabila montagefjädrar ingår. Vid montage i mjuka tak ska montageskiva användas. Driftdonsboxen är separat för flexibelt montage.  Får ej täckas med isolering. För detaljerad info,...

Marathon Rich och Marathon Glow G2

Montage Monteras i 3-fasskena eller FixPointfäste. Universaladapter 3-fas ingår. Utförande Hölje i extruderad aluminium med ändpartier i pressgjuten aluminium, pulverlackerat i svart (RAL 9017) eller vitt (RAL 9016) med struktur. Frontring i termoplast....