Trondheim : Norway

Stålgården Nord

Offices looking forward

Sluppen, south of Trondheim city centre, is an area previously used for industry but now transforms into an area for both living and working. A part of the transformation project is Stålgården Nord, a newly built office building with eight floors of witch one is totally underground, with a total area of 13,150 square meters.


Among other tenants Stålgården’s owner Kjeldsberg Eiendom has its own office in the building. The whole building is office spaces, either open plan, cellular layout or a combination of both. The building is a passive house with energy class A with automatic control of both lighting and ventilation. As part of the environmental approach there are parking spaces where one can charge one’s electric car.


All luminaires in the working areas are equipped with lighting control for presence, daylight and constant light output. In communication areas light is switched on by the first to arrive at work and then controlled automatically.

One challenge with the lighting control was that many reported that they didn’t have enough light, even if the meter stated 1,500 lux on the desk. They were simply not used to have the fittings dimmed down. The atrium runs through all floors giving daylight including the spaces located away from the façade.

The atrium itself is impressive, lit with 17 Lepo’s in a sculpture like formation, and Lepo is also used in one of the stairwells. Working spaces are lit with Wrap tandem and corridors with Marathon on Fagerhult’s iTrack-system.

Outside the parking areas are lit with Vialume 1, and closer to the building Simes products were chosen.



Lepo is an interior design luminaire which offers a combination of energy efficiency and balanced illuminance. By combining the three different sizes it’s possible to create eye catching luminaire clusters. The Lepo range is designed with ballasts and...


To replicate the experience of being in daylight you need a luminaire that releases light from all direction. At the same time we should be able to influence the intensity of the light, since we all see in different ways and have different tasks to...

Pleiad Evo

Pleiad Evo is the latest addition to the Pleiad family- offering exceptional light treatment, The extremely light weight design utilises the reflector as the only cooling element within the fixture. One of the factors behind the success of all of our...

Multilume Flat Delta

Installation Recessed mounting in ventilated or unventilated suspended ceilings. Two optional designs. VTB – for suspended ceilings with visible T-bars 15 or 24 mm. 300x300 also for fixed suspended ceilings. HB – for suspended ceiling with...

Pozzo I Opal

Installation Recessed mounting in ventilated or unventilated ceilings. Fixing brackets included with luminaire. An assembly plate should be used when installing in soft tile ceilings. The luminaire must not be covered with insulation. For further details...

Marathon G2

Marathon is a stylish spotlight designed for track systems. The new G2 family is equipped with a highly efficient LED module that is up to 50 % as efficient as the previous one. This can lead to significant cost savings on an entire shop. To avoid...


Kaptur is a capped industrial luminaire that fit well in harsh and cold environments. With protection class IP 67, the fitting is an excellent choice for garages or underground corridors. Its LED solution provides easy maintenance and makes Kaptur LITE...

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