Viikki : Finland

University Pharmacy

Modern, bright and fresh

The cooperation between Fagerhult and design agency Coop Hovitie Oy Ltd started in 2007 and as a result Fagerhult came along to the pharmacy project in Viikki. This also resulted in the cooperation with the University Pharmacy. Five pharmacies around Finland hade now Fagerhult´s ZonePoint spotlights installed.


Yliopiston Apteekki - University Pharmacy is owned by the University of Helsinki. In addition to its main pharmacy in Helsinki, the company has 17 branches in different parts of Finland. University Pharmacy supports research and teaching through its operations, and is the main employer of pharmaceutical staff in Finland.

Soon the cooperation with University Pharmacy developed further. The new lighting concept of the Kaivopiha pharmacy was delivered and carried out based on a lighting plan made by Fagerhult. The new appearance of the pharmacy should be modern, bright and fresh.


Recessed MultiFive G2 Delta* -luminaires were mounted to the 600x600 mm module ceiling. The advanced reflector technique makes MultiFive G2 Delta*1) one of the most energy efficient micro prism luminaires in the market. The spotlights used were ZonePoint * 2) MT 70 W. In these wide and medium light beams were used since the customer desired a good lighting level on the products and shelves, without emphasis on individual products. This is also how the general lighting level could be reduced.

Balanced light

Open Box luminaires with grey bodies were installed above the cashier's desks and dimmable Notor luminaires were installed above the customer service desks. This way the lighting level can be increased or reduced.

In order to balance the light on the walls recessed Gondol luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution were mounted behind the desks. ZoneSingle MTC 35 W fixtures were installed in the waiting area to equalize the contrasts between the brighter self-service store and the cosier customer service area.

The lighting fixture delivery was supplemented with Pleiad downlights and emLED-s2 emergency lighting and exLED Medio safe condition sign luminaires.

Fresh and bright

The new look of the Kaivopiha pharmacy is now fresh and bright. The MultiFive G2 Delta* luminaires create pleasant general lighting without any glare. The ZonePoint spotlights create good lighting levels to the shelves, without accenting single products. This way the energy consumption of the general lighting could be decreased.

* 1) MultiFive G2 is no longer in production. Please see Multilume.

* 2) Zone Point is no longer in production. Please see Zone Evo G2.


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