e-Sense ActiLume Connection Box

The e-Sense ActiLume Connection Box was designed particularly for use in lecture rooms, but equally lends itself to an office environment or rooms where the installation can be hidden above a suspended ceiling.

Quick connection system for controlling using e-Sense ActiLume

The installation, and ongoing use of lighting with a control system, can often a complicated process. At an early stage a good understanding of the features of the control system is vital to avoid planning mistakes. Time can be needlessly wasted changing the installation, or simply starting again from the beginning.

As a control system, the e-Sense ActiLume is already prepared for simple deployment. Minimal effort is required to implement an installation on site, and changes can easily be made using an IR transmitter, or simply via a tip of a pen.

To aid the installation turning  into a more modern, flexible and quick solution, there is a choice of luminaires ready for connection to a specially made connection box, with virtually everything already connected. Connect the power to the box and all luminaires can then be connected one at a time without needing to disconnect the power. This reduces the risk of mixing up the connections, facilitating a quick, safe installation. All functions can be connected or disconnected without risk.

For maintenance work, the power does not need to be disconnected. The luminaire can simply be disconnected from the box or splice connection. During maintenance work, the other luminaires in the room will remain lit to facilitate work. A luminaire can also be removed and maintenance work carried out elsewhere.

We have chosen the Wieland GST connection system as standard for this solution.


Connection box prepared for connection of master and slave luminaires, etc. Connectors included for:

  • Feed 230 V (black).
  • Pulse switch (brown).
  • Switch (brown).
  • External occupancy detector (grey).
  • Connection of board illumination
  • (5-pole, blue).

Example of Master luminaire for connection to e-Sense ActiLume Connection Box DTI 28924-321

DTI Type 2 Beta 2⊗35 W, with e-Sense ActiLume sensor and complete cable rack, screened and halogen-free.

Example of Slave luminaire for connection to e-Sense ActiLume Connection Box DTI 28924-325

DTI Type 2 Beta 2⊗35 W, with complete cable rack, screened and halogen free.

The advantages of the e-Sense ActiLume Connection Box

  • Luminaires complete with all cable racks – no knowledge required for connecting the parts.
  • Quick connection in connection box – each function clearly marked.
  • All connectors for external functions included with delivery – no knowledge required for ordering component parts.
  • Comprehensive installation instructions included in the pack.
  • The control system works immediately following power-up.
  • Easy programming, either directly on the master luminaire or using the IR transmitter.

Control functions

  • Occupancy detection with a choice of automatic or manual switch on.
  • Adjustment for daylight according to pre-set level. Can easily be changed.
  • Manual control via a momentary pushbutton for on/off and adjustment.
  • Switches off after 15 minutes or changes to a lower light level depending on the choice of “mode”.
  • Offset function. Luminaires at greater distances from windows can be connected to a DALI 2 for 30 % offset. This means the light is regulated with an offset of 30 % from the setting on the master luminaire.
  • The system is supplied in factory setting modes 1 and 2. Program using IR transmitter 86155 for a choice of 7 additional “modes”.